7 Rules for Investing

Follow these Rules to become a better Investor

This Rule is used to determine how long will it take for your money to get DOUBLED.

Rule of 72

Rule of 114

This Rule helps you determine in how much time it would require to TRIPLE your investments

This rule helps you determine how long it will take for your money to get QUADRUPLED, yes 4 times... WOW

Rule of 144

4% Withdrawal Rule

To battle Inflation and to not effect your retirement corpus, Withdraw not more than 4% from your retirement savings per year.

100 Minus Age Rule

This rule helps in determining the asset allocation of your funds in either Equity or Debt, depending on your age, this rule will help you in knowing how much percentage you should invest in either.


Rainy Day Funds

As our parents often mentioned to save for the rainy day, this rule tells us exactly the same thing. We should allocate some emergency funds equivalent to 3-6 months of our expenses.

This rule focuses on starting to save or invest early, as soon as you start earning you should start saving/investing 10% of your income.

10% Investment Rule