How to Choose the Right  Mutual Funds?

Easy and Exact Steps for Deciding

1. Becoming Wealthy  2. Retiring Early 3. Buying a house 4. Starting a company 5. Buying an expensive item (Car, Bikes, Vacations, Jewelry Etc. 6. Or Anything for which money is required.

Defining your needs which can be — 

“Mutual Funds helps you fulfil your needs”


Your Time for Investment 

Short Term

2-3 Years 

4-7 Years

Medium Term

8-15 Years

Long Term

For larger goals, keep a long term outlook. 

Wisdom Teeth

3 Types of Mutual Funds Profile

Equity MF

Balanced MF

Debt MF




Depending upon your NEED, TIME & RISK profile, there are 3 possibilities.

*MF = Mutual Funds



Investment in Mutual Funds depends on your Investment Goal. What you are looking for in return from the investment is all what matters. This decides your time frame for the investment and also the risk taking capacity which you decide upon consideration and invest wisely.


You can find the Risk profile (High Risk, Medium Risk, Low Risk) of any Mutual Fund for free using any FREE Mutual Fund app like, Groww, Paytm Money or any other website you fancy. 


MF's A-B-C

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